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Congratulations NSCofC Graduating Seniors!




Nathan is graduating from Stafford Senior High School this Spring. He is taking a challenging course load with three AP classes and a Dual-Enrollment class along with his electives. So far, Senioritis hasn’t hit him too hard. This past fall he was able to complete his Eagle Scout rank amidst COVID roadblocks. During his copious free time, he works diligently to create content for his YouTube channel – writing, animating, and voicing (along with his friends) his own scripts and sometimes composing and recording his own songs. Check this link out if you’re interested.


Nathan will be attending Oklahoma Christian University in the fall, majoring in engineering. He is very interested in environmental science, helping to find cleaner ways to live on the earth and to be a good steward of the resources that we have.

Jonathan was born in Portsmouth, VA, where he developed an early love for the beach. He then took his first steps in a townhouse in Dale City, likely trying to touch one of our two cats. After moving to Stafford, Jonathan  was "blessed with" a sister and started school at Park Ridge Elementary.


Many teachers helped him along on his journey, with one of the earliest being Mrs. Mason, who recognized that how Jonathan sees the world is different than how most people see it. He developed several hobbies during his school year, including photography.  He prefers close-up images, many of which include cats. In Middle School, Jonathan developed a close friendship with a few other students who he still meets online for some vigorous adventures in virtual worlds.


After settling into High School at Brooke Point, Jonathan joined the Photography club and also branched out by joining the culinary arts and auto-tech programs. Sadly for the waistline of his parents, there is now not a shortage of baked-goods around the house. Jonathan plans to pursue his interest in auto-tech at Germanna Community College.

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