North Stafford Church of Christ
North Stafford Church of Christ

Home is a place where you will be welcomed with loving arms and accepting hearts. When it doesn't matter where you are coming from or what you have been doing, being able to have a home where you will be comfortable, safe, and nurtured is the perfect kind of home that anyone can like. Being able to laugh and be thankful when you are needing to be happy and grateful with others is what home is about. It's also important to know that when there are times to be sad or when there are times of loneliness, being home is a good place to be where others can sit with you who understand and are willing to empathize. A good home is a good thing.  


We think we are that kind of home. We will love you and each other because God loves us first - there really isn't anything else that matters when it comes to people getting along with people and taking care of each other. We all have times when we're happy and we also all have times when we need to be quiet and think - we can do all of these things with you. Perhaps we can help you even as you help and encourage us.


Using God as the foundation of our faith, Jesus as our example, and the Bible as our guide, we promise to offer you distinction in love, care in times of need, guidance when searching, purpose when confused, and an ear when needing to be heard. We work at being disciples, too, so even in you being with us you are encouraging us. It all usually works out because that's how God does things - people who are moved by love find even more love.


1 Corinthians 13:13 tells us that there are three really important things in life - faith, hope, and love. The passage goes on to say, however, that the most important of the important things is love. We believe we are a people of love and we are excited to think that we can share our love with you and you with us.


Come be with us. Come home. 

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Sun 10:15am Assembly Worship

Wed 7pm Devotional

North Stafford Church of Christ

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