Always Change

Few of us like it but we talk about it all of the time. Even if it isn't our preference, we sometimes spend lots of time planning for it. Hard as we try, we think we will never be surprised by it but almost every time - it comes as if it's a surprise. Sadly, many of those who try real hard to hang on to it seem to end up grumpy and dissatisfied while some of those who attempt to embrace it (after all, it is inevitable!) are called crazy and non-traditional. What is this thing that is all around us that seems to cause so much concern, turmoil, and anxiety?




Just when we think we have it figured out, it changes. Right when we think we have our arms around it, it changes. Just when it gets comfortable, it changes. Just when we get good at it or otherwise think we are able to handle something, it changes. Just when things seem to all be lined up perfectly, it changes. Time and time again - change steps in and gets some of us all wound up, fitful, tired, and (this is sad) angry.


There are several things that we need to remember. First, Ecclesiastes 3:1 does tell us that change is inevitable. Even as we move from season to season, so our lives will experience seasons of change. Perhaps we need to accept this biblical principle - change will happen. Second, Hebrews 6:19 tells us that even with all of this change happening around us, we can and should use our hope in Christ as an anchor in stormy times. Perhaps change is inevitable but a solid anchor is just as inevitable - never moving, always dependable, completely solid, and firmly attached. Finally, we can have confidence that God's promises will prevail. II Peter 3:9 assures us that there is nothing as solid and dependable as God's promises. Let the change swirl and spin all around us but depend on the promises of God regardless.


Seasons come and go. Our favorite teams, artists, authors, business people, movie stars - they all will come and go. It is sad, too, that often health, relationships, and commitments are likely to change, too. It is how it is.


But try to stand strong in the fiercest winds of change! We can confidently hold to the anchor of Jesus and the promises of God. We will all weather the storms of change.