What Really Matters

What makes a relationship special? Is it the clothes that are worn? Is it the money had? Is it the cars owned? Is it the education, skills, employment, appearances, or funny jokes?


We always look at people externally when we first meet them but very quickly we like to know more about them - what makes them tick, why do they say the things they say, what have been their experiences, what do they think about things. While sometimes externals can certainly tell much about a person, a person is truly defined by what is in the person's heart, soul, and mind.


Instead of appearances, for example, we might get to a point where we wonder if the person can love. Or can the individual empathize, care, serve, or be kind? Can the person protect, be honest, or be sincere? How does the person hold up in stressful times or when under pressure? Does the individual tell the truth, not hold grudges, or treat others with some kind of respect? It's true that appearances matter some, but what is really important about a person is what is inside. 


The good news is that is how God sees us. Oh, he cares some about how we look and act and take care of ourselves, but he knows that what we are on the outside very much reflects what we are on the inside. God is able to directly look inside and tell if we are good, decent, caring, and calming people.


God can skip the appearances and know when we hurt, when we need help, or when we are tired and frustrated. 


The bottom line is that God knows all about who and what we are. And while that might seem a bit intimidating, it also can bring comfort, can't it? God understands us better than maybe we even understand ourselves. What better to have around than God when we are overfilled with joy or when we have fallen flat on our faces from despair? 


God understands, cares, and sustains regardless of what things look like. God works with us on the inside - where it really matters.