A New Start

Sometimes the only good thing about a bad ending is that we almost always have a chance with a new start. 


With God, every day - every moment! - is a new start. It is easy and often tempting to live in the past and worry about what has happened and fret about why we did what we did or wonder why it all happened the way that it did. Thing is, it is all in the past. It is water under the bridge. Whatever it was has already blown by. It's gone. There's nothing we can do about it.


What we can do, though, is consider what we might do with new opportunities that will rise up in front of us. These are given to us by God. With these new opportunities, we can start over with a new beginning. We have a chance to try again.


And God gives us opportunities to start over again and again and again...


Isn't that a nice thought? God loves us so much that we can begin fresh and new whenever we think or know we need a restart. God will be standing with us when be begin again. In fact, he encourages us to start over sometimes because we probably did mess it up last time. "So," God says, "let's try that again, okay? Let me help you this time. With my help, you can do this lots better than last time. Trust me."


God promises us new beginnings. A second chance. A restart.


Do it again. With God.